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Re: [Rollei] ENGINEERS: the correct saying and its origin


Yes, one gets to know MANY British mechanics
if one owns English cars.  They know them real
well! That certainly applies to German and Italian
mechanics for the equivalent reason.  Strange that
I know no Swedish or Japanese mechanics! (I own
a Volvo and Lexus now).

BTW, why are most British mechanics named "Alf"?


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 04:13 PM 11/20/01 -0800, Gene Johnson wrote:
> >I should know better than to say something like that around here!
> >Thanks for the history.  I was told that the version I heard came from
> >some boss in the British Railroad system.  I don't know why but I'm
> >having second thoughts about leaving that last bit in.  Oh bother.
> I just have known too many British mechanics, I guess ...
> Marc
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