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[Rollei] Rolleiflex TLR Weights

At 09:39 AM 11/19/01 -0800, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
>I have learned that the weights stated in Evans
>and in Parker are inconsistent and wrong. I have
>weighed and recorded the weights for a number
>of R'flexes (no R'cords) I'll dig them up and send
>them to the RUG..  They were all measured on
>the same scale, no film, no lens cap. no Rolleikin,
>with take up spool. no strap or case or filters.
>If you look at Parker you will see the ridiculous
>inconsistencies of weights.

If you look in Parker, you see a tremendous number of "ridiculous
inconsistencies" of all sorts and conditions!  And thanks in advance for
sending along your table of weights, Jerry.


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