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Re: [Rollei] Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

Austin Franklin wrote:
> I AM real, Jerry, perhaps that's the problem ;-)
> Patents would only have been an issue for a fixed period of time, likely 20
> years...and it's been a lot longer than 20 years since this mechanism has
> been used (1937).  I'm sure you know that.
> I never had a problem with my F either, but that doesn't mean many others
> have or haven't, and that the mechanism is or isn't reliable, or reliable
> over time, and it certainly doesn't mean the claim (that the mechanism was
> unreliable) is just "bullshit" as you claim quite dismissively.
> Hi Austin,

I like to fix up old Automats and have been successful in getting a few
up and going again.  In the half dozen or so I've been into,  I've never
seen a problem with the film advance that wasn't fixable by a little
clean and lube, and only a couple of those.  The newest of these is 50
years old, two or three of them were 60 or better.  I have a prewar
Automat that has not much left besides the film advance, and I'm saving
that in case I want to make some 6x6 Frankencamera with the most
reliable film advance I know of.

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