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RE: [Rollei] Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

John.Kot  wrote:

"It was stated somewhere that the 'Automat' film transport with the roller
sense the start of the film was abandoned as a conscious decision by Rollei
as it was unreliable with the thinner emulsions of some modern films.  Is
this true, or was it simply that Rollei wanted to reduce the cost of

I got my 'user' 2.8F Planar very cheaply because the seller didn't know
exactly what it was (I was able to identify it with help from MJS), and
because - while it would take some film types perfectly - if you put a roll
of Provia through it you would wind the film all the way to the end waiting
for frame 1.

I took it to the splendid folk at Studio Workshop in London and they
serviced it and fixed this problem (and the broken flash sync), but they did
mention that it is quite hard to set this adjustment to cope with all modern
films, presumably because there's a much wider variation of film thicknesses
now than there was when it was designed. I told them the films I used and
asked them to optimise it for those if that was possible, and it's been fine

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David Morton
dmorton  uk

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