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RE: [Rollei] Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

> I have never heard anyone say that the Automat
> mechanism
> is "unreliable".

> > > It was stated somewhere that the 'Automat' film transport with
> > the roller to
> > > sense the start of the film was abandoned as a conscious
> > decision by Rollei
> > > as it was unreliable with the thinner emulsions of some modern
> > films.

Whether it was really stated somewhere (as the above claim says), or even if
it was stated, whether that statement was true or not, you did just hear it!

> It can get out of adjustment, as can any mechanical
> device, but its reliability is high and it is tough as is the rest of the
> camera.

I have no doubt that it is reasonably reliable.  My point was because one
person hasn't had any problems with it doesn't mean that others haven't.
And there is certainly nothing wrong with not believing someone's
claim...but such obtuse dismissiveness was a bit out of line, IMO.

That still goes back to my initial question, why no one else used it, or a
similar mechanism, or why Rollei didn't adapt it to the GX etc.?  For the
most part, I would assume anything anyone says on this is speculation...but
speculation certainly isn't out of the realm of THIS email list!