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Re: [Rollei] Planar lens design changes from 2.8E to 2.8F

Jay -

I called JVS about a year or so ago to inquire, hypothetically, about
coating an uncoated Tessar in a Super Ikonta.  He said his coating
services were aimed mainly at "repairing" (my word) front or rear lens
surfaces that had had the coating damaged.  He charges $75 (or $150, I
can't remember) per surface, and that adds up so quickly that it wasn't
economically sensible to talk about doing a whole lens.

I'd give him a call and see if that's still his opinion - maybe things
have changed in his shop in the last year.  But don't be surprised if it
proves to be cheaper to buy a newer, coated lens than to have your old
one coated in full.


Jay Kumarasamy wrote:
> Peter,
> I need to give Mr. Stelten a call.  I have a pristine un-coated
> Summar, with faint fogging.  I was thinking of getting it cleaned by
> JVS or DAG. Maybe I can get it coated, by JVS.  It might cost
> quite a bit, but it might be worth it.
> - Jay