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Re: [Rollei] OT - enlargers


     In 4x5 size enlarger I'd get a SuperChromega over the Beseler 4x5
arrangements, I've used both.  That Beseler motor is tiresome, I can
move the Chromega with it's lightweight head and hand crank easily and
quickly, that Beseler motor is too slow.  I'm seeing lots of these 4x5
Chromegas sell for very reasonable, they have a convienent timer and
voltage regulator.

     Of course, if you are only want smaller format, then the Beseler
23 is best and I've used this professionally and it doesn't have it's
big brother's motor.  Currently, I'm using a Durst M600 because of
space considerations.  I like the moving masks.  I'll probably upgrade.
BTW, I'm enjoying the condensers as a change from an Aristo head.


                                                    Rich Lahrson

"Print It, Inc." wrote:

> Beseler, yes. Two 4x5s and a 23cII, but no 67. Guess I'm not much help. I
> was under the impression that the 67 was lower quality than 23, but many of
> my impressions have been unimpressive. Nevertheless, the 4x5s beat all
> lesser sizes.
>  pk
> > Hello All;
> >
> > I've been thinking a new enlarger would be nice (my present one is
> > fairly old and doesn't do color).snip.  Anyone out there using Beseler
> equipment?
> >
> > The largest I have or plan to go is 6x6 cm, so either will work...
> >
> > Tom Frank
> >