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[Rollei] Re: : [Rollei-user] SL35 Rolleinar lenses

Excuse me too Bob,
I agree with you that Mamiya MF lenses sre great, but not the 35mm format. I
have owned every Rolleinar MC. Being spoilt by Carl Zeiss, I did not
appreciate the Rolleinar lenses. The MC coating I find very inferrior to HFT
or T* on Carl Zeiss optics.

The same Rolleinars e.g. 28/2.8 HFT and 80-200/4 HFT give MUCH BRTTER COLOUR
SATURATION than Rolleinars 28/2.8 MC and 80-200/4 MC versions!

The Japanese Voigtlander lenses with AR coating I found also more satisfying
than their equivalents labelled as Rolleinars with MC coating.

- -Dr. Adam Bujak

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> > I've been looking for some Zeiss and/or Schneider lenses for my SL35 and
> > came upon someone with a bunch of Rolleinars for sale.
> >
> > I was hoping that perhaps some of them might have been made by Nikon or
> > one of the other top tier manufacturers. This would give me an _excuse_
> > to buy and use them instead of the Takumar lenses which I'm using on the
> > SL35 now.
> Excuse me, but Mamiya was certainly considered a "top tier" manufacturer
> Rollei would not have bought from them!   Witness that Makina could not
> up to Rollei quality standards and were dumped as a supplier.  The
> Rolleinars from Mamiya are excellent performers.
> Bob