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Re: [Rollei] Rollei XF35 and Voigtlander VF135

Dear Folks,

may I ask whether someone can give additioanl comments, espeicially on my 
technical questions?

Thanks a lot.


At 00:02 08.11.01, you wrote:
>At 10:20 PM 11/07/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >Dear folks,
> >
> >I own a VF 135. It takes brilliant sharp photos, and the exposure meter is
> >quite accurate. The price I paid of appr. ? 30 is a shame for the quality
> >of the lens although the mechanics of the camera are quite junky. However I
> >have a problem with the focus:
> >
> >The rangefinder meter was de-adjusted, so with the help of our beloved list
> >members I found the two screws under the leatherette for vertical and
> >horizontal adjustment.
> >As I don't have an autocollimator available I did fix an object far away
> >through the range finder and turned the screws in order to adjust the two
> >split images to one image when the focus ring at the lens was at
> >"infinity". So now I obtained a perfect range finder image exactly when the
> >focus ring came to the infinity stop.
> >
> >However, after having looked to the first developed rolls of film I have
> >the impression, that close objects (appr. 3,5 ft distance) taken with full
> >open aperture are not as sharp as they could be. The impression is, that
> >the plane of focus of  these objects was a little bit more far away.
> >However, after checking the infinity stop of the lens ring, that one
> >complies perfectly with the range finder images. So, can someone give me
> >advise how to readjust the rangefinder? Or is there another screw which
> >adjuts the distance of the lens from the plane of film?
> >
> >
> >Greetings
> >
> >Dirk-Roger Schmitt
> >
>   The easiest way to test this is to photograph a newspaper sheet or
>something similar at a slant to the camera. Focus on a particular plane and
>indicat it by drawing a line on the paper. If the negative is not sharply
>focused on the line you know somethign is wrong and in which direction the
>error is.
>   Make a series of exposures at different distances, all at near the
>largest aperture to reduce depth of field to minimum.
>   The rangefinder can probably be checked by examining the image using a
>small bit of ground glass in the film gate (assuming the back comes off or
>at least opens. But, you have to make sure the ground glass is oriented in
>the true film plane. This is sometimes not so easy to figure out since
>different cameras guid the film somewhat differently.
>Richard Knoppow
>Los Angeles, CA, USA