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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiphot - Iris diaphram

John and Jens

Ah, yes, but find the Rolleiphot for the 2.8A, which took
a bastardized Bay II.  It was never called Bay II, just 2.8.

When did the name Rolleiphot come in?  The original name
was "Iris Diaphragm and Exposure Meter".


John Lehman wrote:

> <jenspatricdahlen  > wrote:
> > ...Were there really Rolleiphots for bay I? I
> > thought they all had push on mounts, but could be
> > used on cameras with bay I as well since they also
> > took push on attachments in 28,5 mm.
> I have one with a bay-1 mount, so the empirical answer
> is yes.
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