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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiphot - Iris diaphram


If everything fails, read the manual!  Like page 116/117
in Perlman, 1953 edition. Itis called "Iris Diaphragm and
Exposure Meter"

Now if you can find the one made for the 2.8A, you really
have a rarity!  Almost as rare as the 2.8 Verlauffilter :-)


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 05:19 PM 11/9/01 -0800, Rich Lahrson wrote:
> >     How was this used to set exposures?
> Well, it wasn't, at least not directly.  The Rolleiphot was used to check
> depth of field, nothing more, nothing less.  The cameras in the 1930's
> didn't have any inbuilt meterings.
> Of course, if the Rolliephot told you that you wanted f/16, and you were
> using ASA 10 film, and it was noon on the brightest day of the year, then
> the Sunny 16 Rule would sorta/kinda suggest a setting of f/16 at 1/10" or
> some reasonable facsimile thereof.
> Marc
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