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Re: [Rollei] Bay 3 step up rings?

Hi Mark and Jerry!
     Ditto.  I've just finished assembling a collection of most Rollei
Bay I
black and white filters plus the softars.  The bayonet mount is quick,
while a screw-in adaptor is slow to use, though I have a Bay I to
Series VI adaptor as well for filters not available in Bay I.
     I used to have a Kodak publication which showed spectral
transmission charts for all Wratten filters.  If anyone knows of
a book, website or article that gives the spectral transmission
charts for the Rolleiflex filters, I'd appreciate the information.
I'd be particularly interested in finding out which Wratten
Infrared filter approximately matches the Rollei Infrared filter.
Rich Lahrson


> Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> > A long time ago, I looked at these prices and said:
> > "Screw it, I'm gonna buy real Rollei filters, rather
> > than messing around so I can use the filters on hand"
> > It's a thorough pain to use the adapters, AND you
> > can't put the excellent Rollei lens-hoods on over
> > the adapters.
> Me too! Original Rollei filters for me.
> But i think B+W will make bay 3 if Rollei does not come in that.
> Mark Rabiner


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