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Re: [Rollei] Rollei XF35 and Voigtlander VF135

> From: Marc James Small <msmall  >
> Reply-To: rollei  us
> Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 17:09:19 -0500
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: Re: [Rollei] Rollei XF35 and Voigtlander VF135
> No, I had no idea that you distrusted Prochnow and am more than a bit
> surprised by this.  In any event, look at the page I cited and you will see
> photographs of the Copal shutter.

I've questioned statements of Prochnow's on a number of occasions.  I think
he is right on most stuff, particularly the overall history, but sometimes
wrong on technical details.

I don't have all of his books, just the one on TLR, the one on Rollei 35,
and the one on SLX/6000.

Now I'll have to find and buy an XF35 just to see if my memory of the
innards is correct.