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Re: [Rollei] a "secret signature" of a R-TLR.. at least some R-TLRs ;-)

 From E.B. :
> > On my R-T, I always get pressure marks on the edge, outside the image
> > area, at the end of the roll near frame 12 on *120* film. 

 From Austin Franklin:
> You can see this mark on your film, even when you trim off the ends of the
> film?  I checked a few rolls, and it isn't visible (I use a GX)...but I
> didn't check an un-cut roll.

Yes, near frame 12... but wait a minute. I think I've discovered
something I had never thought about before.

When I wind the crank after the 12-th frame, I usually wind much more
turns than actually necessary. A kind of beginner's excess of
precaution I'm following since my first roll in 1977 ;-);-) On the R-T
the Instructions Book says that you just have to wind until a black
spot appears in the film counter window. Actually I did not believe
that for whatever reason. Probably some bad experiences I had had
before with older rollfilm cameras and light leaks on untight spools.
So I usually give a few more turns until I feel and hear something
"periodic" telling me OK, everything *is* now on the receiving spool.
This certainly generates pressure marks and may explain why it
sometimes does show and sometimes does not among various cameras and

I already knew that, as a R-TLR enthusiast, I was an ever-ready-caser.
Now I know I'm also an end-of-roll-excessive-crank-winder ;-);-)

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER