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RE: [Rollei] a "secret signature" of a R-TLR.. at least some R-TLRs ;-)

> On my R-T, I always get pressure marks on the edge, outside the image
> area, at the end of the roll near frame 12 on *120* film. The backing
> paper is always wrinkled under the gearwheel around the end of the roll
> an *does* transfer pressure marks toward the end of the film. This
> means that the pressure exerted by the gearwheel is substantial,
> however this ensures that the roll is always tightly spooled. I've
> never had any fogging marks due to a loose roll with my R-TLR. My
> (small) experience of older folding rollfilm cameras is plagued by
> un-tight rolls and light leaks.
> So the "secret signature" is visible with the naked eye on all my B&W
> or colour negs, but not on slides for which the border is black. The
> blank colour neg film did not show this marks, whereas recently exposed
> and processed films in the same camera did show the "secret signature"
> outside the exposed area, so not correlated with actual photons
> entering the camera like the well-known V-grooves on the edges of
> Hasselblad backs.
> Now I realise that this effect probably depends on the pressure
> applied by the gearwheel, the kind of backing paper, film thickness
> and film support.

You can see this mark on your film, even when you trim off the ends of the
film?  I checked a few rolls, and it isn't visible (I use a GX)...but I
didn't check an un-cut roll.