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RE: [Rollei] "Balsam" issues with some Zeiss lenses?

Joe B. wrote:

"A repairman I spoke to tonight said he's seeing a lot of Zeiss lenses from
60's with what people call balsam problems- he says it is actually optical
cement and not balsam that is giving this problem with these lenses."

I've heard this too, from a specialist Rollei repairer in London. The lens
we were discussing was the 135mm f4 Sonnar in the Tele-Rollei, and he warned
me to check *very* carefully for this effect. His optical specialist has had
the cemented elements of two Tele taking lenses sitting in a bath of
whatever-it-is-they-use-to-take-them-apart for over *twelve months* and they
won't separate (so they can't recement them).

www.ffordes.co.uk has three Tele Rolleis for sale on its site, and when I
enquired about the lens condition by mail a few weeks ago I was told that
two of them had separation problems in the taking lens.

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David Morton
dmorton  uk

"The more opinions you have, the less you see." -- Wim Wenders.