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[Rollei] Separation Issues and Zeiss Lenses

At 10:15 PM 11/5/01 +0000, Joe B. wrote:
>A repairman I spoke to tonight said he's seeing a lot of Zeiss lenses from
>60's with what people call balsam problems- he says it is actually optical
>cement and not balsam that is giving this problem with these lenses. I was
>originally asking about a 120 S-Planar for the SL66 that had a "balsam
>that was going cheap, but he persuaded me that this might not be so easy to
>recement and so I have given up on that idea. The Zeiss lenses for the
SL66 are 
>from this period and I wonder how much of a problem this is, or is going
to be.
>And I also wonder if the Rollei-manufactured SL66 lenses are likely to
have this
>problem- maybe they were made differently. I'd really like more information
>because I don't want to buy lenses that have the potential for decementing
>without there being any good fix for the problem. Any additional info
would be

The problem DOES occur and, yes, it does not involve "Balsam" as Zeiss quit
using Balsam as a cement for lens elements donkey's years back.

The problem only afflicts selected lenses, and I don't recall that the
5.6/120 S-Planar was one such.  The most heavily affected are the 35mm,
85mm, and 115mm Pro-Tessars for the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex III through S line
and the Rolleiflex TLR prism -- and, in these cases, the poor cement used
seems to have only been in use for a very brief window of time, possibly
from 1960 to 1963.  I have never heard of a Rollei-made Zeiss lens
suffering from the problem.


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