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[Rollei] "Balsam" issues with some Zeiss lenses?

A repairman I spoke to tonight said he's seeing a lot of Zeiss lenses from the
60's with what people call balsam problems- he says it is actually optical
cement and not balsam that is giving this problem with these lenses. I was
originally asking about a 120 S-Planar for the SL66 that had a "balsam problem"
that was going cheap, but he persuaded me that this might not be so easy to
recement and so I have given up on that idea. The Zeiss lenses for the SL66 are 
from this period and I wonder how much of a problem this is, or is going to be.
And I also wonder if the Rollei-manufactured SL66 lenses are likely to have this
problem- maybe they were made differently. I'd really like more information
because I don't want to buy lenses that have the potential for decementing
without there being any good fix for the problem. Any additional info would be

Joe B.