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Re: [Re: [Rollei] Revisionism and the Drood Quotient]

I wasn't going to get into this OT topic, but here is a historical note. IG
Farben was the result of a merger of most of the chemical companies in Germany
before the war, and was split up after the war by the Allies. Its successor
companies (and stock market reports to this day refer to them as Farben
Nachfolger) are Bayer, BASF and Hoechst as well as some smaller companies
whose names escape me at the moment. Incidentally, IG Farben stock ("IG Farben
Reste" -- accounting for the "lost" assets in the eastern part of Germany)
was/is traded as well. Not sure if it still is...

"B. D. Colen" <bdcolen  > wrote:
> Marc James Small wrote:
> > 
> > At 06:05 PM 10/30/01 -0500, B. D. Colen wrote:
> > >BTW, what was the verdict on Franke and Heidecke? (I promise not to
> > >leave the list no matter what the answer, and I also promise not to try
> > >to get the thread going again..:-) )
> > 
> > Franke & Heidecke played ball with the Nazis when it was less harmful
> > it became to do so -- for instance, they had a swastika on their
> > letter-head in the later 1930's.  During the War, though, they worked
> > Voigtlander to refuse the services of slave laborers and, in the end,
> > to decline government contracts to defuse the influence of the Nazis on
> > their company.
> Interesting...
> > 
> > Almost all of the German optical concerns come through the era looking
> > pretty good, in fact, due to the influence of the industry's leadership,
> > such as Kuppenbender at Zeiss and the Leitz family.
> > 
> > Now, Daimler-Benz, Krupp, IG Farbenindustrie (didn't they own AGFA?)
> I believe 'Igee Farben' did indeed own Agfa, along with a boatload of
> other companies....Unless they've spun it off recently, AG Bayer - once
> part of Igee, owns Agfa. I once visited Bayer HQ in Leverkusen (sp),
> where it has been since before the war...amazing, chilling,
> place....fabulous manicured grounds - no need to ask who manicured them
> during the war - and above the massive main entrance doors to the main
> stone building is a protruding hunk of stone - which is where the eagle
> and swastika used to sit....
> But times do change...

Mike Bischof
Phoenix, AZ

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