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RE: [Rollei] M-Componon

At 07:46 AM 10/29/01 -0500, Roy Dunn wrote:
>Relative merits of each, and/or any recommended reading about same?

The standard work on this topic is:

Sigrist, Martin, and Erwin Stegmann, MAKRO-FOTOSCHULE:  DIE FASZINIERENDE
WELT DER NAHAUFNAHME (Verlag Photographie AG, 1989, ISBN:  3-7231-9300-5).

There is one up on e-Bay right now in an auction ending later today, part
of a lot of books.

The discussion of macro lenses in the 15th edition of THE LEICA MANUAL and
in Wildi's HASSELBLAD MANUAL are both solid sources, as well.  



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