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[Rollei] Further OT: Firearm Safety

At 10:58 AM 10/29/01 -0500, Lawrence Ober wrote:
>More gun safety training for children is needed.  

My sister (Mt Lebanon (PA) HS, '64) earned a numeral for her excellent
shooting on the School Rifle Team -- remember when public high schools had
rifle teams?  I learned to shoot in '62 in the Boy Scouts and went on to
fire everything from .22 match pistols to 155 howitzers in my 26 years
around the US military -- but I didn't OWN a firearm until I retired from
the Army Reserve, and that is a single Argentine Mauser rechambered to
.30-'06 and fitted with a (PHOTO CONNECTION!  WARNING:  ON-TOPIC!
ON-TOPIC!) 3X - 9X Kiev 'scope.  My wife came a lot more heavily equipped,
having a small arsenal of her own when we were married.

I taught my son how to fire before I owned any ordnance, taking him out
with a borrowed .22 rifle and teaching him the basics of firearm safety and
PRI (Principles of Rifle Instruction), including stripping and cleaning a
weapon.  He is now 19 and hunts regularly, bringing back into the bloodline
a tradition which had died out in my grandfathers' and great-grandfathers'
generations.  Having trained him myself, I have little concern for his
ability to safely use firearms.

Firearm safety should be a required part of junior high/middle school
(roughly, age 13 or 14) for ALL kids.  Untrained folks cause firearms
accidents.  These rarely occur to those who know how to treat each and
every weapon with great respect.


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