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Re: [Rollei] OT: Emerson (2nd Amendment) decision

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From: "Marc James Small" <msmall  >

Hoodlums rarely purchase their guns legally, Mark.  As the old saw runs,
"if guns are illegal, only outlaws will have guns".

Now, if the hoodlum doesn't know whether or not you are packing, then this
might cause him to pass you and yours by.


True, but it is still unusual for criminals to carry firearms here (although
they could well be armed). At the end of the day, I suppose it's what you
are used to. For example, the idea that 5 children die per week (equivalent
to one per week here) is statistically irrelevant and therefore, presumably
acceptable, would not be received so lightly here, yet I note it drew no

It would seem that sufficient people in the US don't trust their fellow
citizens to run a democratic Government that they accept the high death rate
as the price to be paid in order to be ready to start an armed insurrection.


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