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RE: [Rollei] fall foliage

"Earth to God, Earth to God, don't you think you've done the Fall Foliage
bit to death?  Jeez, every year it's the same old stupid colors!"


PS,  I believe trees were some of Atget's best shots.

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 Every shot need not make a 'statement' or be a creative masterpiece.
Sometimes a pretty picture is just a 'pretty picture; so what's wrong with
that? If you have ever driven through the hills of New England when foliage
is at peak color, you have to be awed by its beauty. The way that a rather
monochomatic landscape is briefly transformed to a brilliantly colored one
is worth photographing; worth holding on to.
  As to it being "done to death"...so what's your point? Pictures of
beautiful women have been taken by the millions. There are some things in
this life that you just can't get enough of. Use all your technical and
artistic skills to make the shot something really special.
   Give it a try, Arthur. It'll do ya good.

  Arthur wrote:
 "But does anyone really care about those Fall Foliage pictures? Do you hang
them on your wall? What exactly is interesting about them? Did Atget, Capa,
Evans, Nadar, HCB, Baldus or Izu et al ever go out and take pictures of the
pretty  leaves?  I have never taken pictures of the Fall Foliage so perhaps
don't know what I'm missing."

  As far as it being "done to death". The same could be said about
photographs of beautiful women. There are some things in this world you just
never get tired of.