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Re: [Rollei] Tripod threads Who wood?!

Hi Mark,

      Calumet has most of Fred Picker's designs still.  The white bag's for
the hot dessert I suppose.  He had something called a drydown timer,
which, IMO, borders on the questionable from a practical point of view.
His print mounting jig is good, but it could be a DIY just as well.  I
bought his print drying screen set-up, but that's also an easy DIY.

     The real quality darkroom products like Salthill and Kostiner
are also sadly gone.


Rich Lahrson


Mark Rabiner wrote:

> No Jerry I'm 50 and I got Pickers Picket fenced catalog regularly and swallowed
> a good deal of it.
> I try to use one format bigger enlarger lens. Love Schneider but can do with
> Nikon or Rodagon enlarger lenses.
> And maybe the wood tripod thing as planted from him.
> Always wanted that nice compact Pentax modified Spotmeter and leather holster
> but got the Minolta because i felt i needed the flash testing aspect.
> Yea that very simple Bogan head. I like that. I hope they still make it.
> That white camera bag was a real eyesore!