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Re: [Rollei] Re: powerful images

But look on the bright side.  With a little work you could get free Internet
access by way of all those AOL CD's.  Take one, activate an account, cancel
it just before you get billed, activate a new one.  Get a free email address
from Hotmail or Yahoo.  Then you can post to the Rollei list without paying
any monthly ISP fees (had to make this on topic somehow).


> The only reason that I can think is that they
> send out so many install CD's that you could
> practically get one in a box of Coacoa Puffs.
> Probably a good example of marketing the product
> until you drop...
> But hey, all is not lost.  Save those AOL CD's
> and make a matching set of beverage coasters.
> Or maybe be more creative and use them as light
> reflectors for photographing small objects. :-)
> on 9/18/01 8:56 AM, Roger Wiser at wiserr   wrote:
> > After all their past miscues and problems , I cannot figure out how AOL
got so
> > prominent in the field !
> >
> > Roger