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[Rollei] Rollei photography

This is a heads up;

I just turned in the last 4 prints to the Los Angeles Public Library for
their Los Angeles Neighborhoods Projects. I turned over 40 prints, most
of which was shot with Rolleis, mostly with the SLR and a few with the
TLR. There are also nearly a dozen 4x5 shots. The only shot on 35 was
with a Leica R. 
The documentary project was on San Pedro CA and will be on display this
coming October. The reception is for October 20, 2001 3-5pm on a
Saturday. It is by invitation only and you have to rsvp to attend. So if
any of you are interested in attending, please let me know offlist. I
have only allowed 100 invitation to send out to my mailing list, so be
certain if your are to attend. On the other hand, this exhibit will be
posted on the library's web site sometime by the end of this year or
beginning of next, in case you miss it.
Long day, other issues were chump change next to my visiting father who
refuses to acknowledge that he needs a hearing aid.

 Slobodan Dimitrov