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Re: [Rollei] Removing the 3.5F front cover (was non-rollei accessories)

A thousand pardons for again having misled. My selftimer, which wouldn't
release the shutter before I started this project, now in fact does release
the shutter, after reassembly. This in spite of the fact that I made no
deliberate attempt to affect it. That is the kind of success that I can
accept, even though it does nothing to bolster my ego as a 'marvelous
maintenance man' :-)
For now, I'm not pursuing an effort to make the shutter release as smooth as
my 2 Yashicamat 124s. It works, is marginally better than it was, and I am
more interested in using the camera than sending it out, or taking it more
apart. But the urge to "have another go" will no doubt pressure me sometime
in the future.
Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and ideas.


> Sorry to hear that you couldn't fix the selftimer but separate ones that you
> can screw on the shutter release can easily be found. For me, it's the sort
> of items that will be left at home when I need it, like cable release, bean
> bags, sometimes the camera :(   But it may work for you.
> I remember having seen in the exploded views in the Technical Report that
> you actually don't need to remove the rear cell in order to have the
> complete shutter and lens remove from the lensboard. It's locked by a ring
> but you probably need a similar spanner for it. Then, I think you'll only
> get the ring that cocks the selftimer and not the internal parts of the
> shutter which I think that cause the problem.