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Re: [Rollei] ADMIN: Terrorist Bombings

> From: Siu Fai <siufai  
> Reply-To: rollei  us
> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:11:32 +0200
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: RE: [Rollei] ADMIN:  Terrorist Bombings
> I'll add this for Marc: I'm sorry as well for the Rolleiflexes and bottles
> of Rodinals that went loss with the bombings. I'm sure that there must be
> some Rolleis as well that went with the poor souls.

One of my friends who escaped the building left his new Hasselblad X-Pan
behind along with three lenses.  I'm sure many left valuables.  But none of
these things matter.  They can be replaced.  People can't.