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RE: [Rollei] ADMIN: Terrorist Bombings

At 07:16 AM 09/12/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Richard Knoppow wrote (edited):
>I hope we have the understanding and restraint to keep hold of our
>civilization when the anger sets in. People are going to be very, very, VERY
>angry. There will be demands for massive military action. Against whome?
>There are rarely more than a few people behind any of the world's great
>That was a nice message Richard. When we do find out who is the cause, there
>will need to be some sort of retaliation as that is the only things
>terrorists uderstand. This is not the time for restraint, but the time for
>clear cut and decisive action.
>Anything less leaves us open for more attacks. 
>Peter K
  Clear cut decisive action, very much yes, but who to take it against is
the question. I think the only way to deal with terrorists is to destroy
them if possible, and if necessary, those who help them also. The emotion
is to bomb somebody out of existence, but this is just where terrorists
have the upper hand: massive reaction may reduce you to their level of
psycopathology. I think a rather more surgical approach is in order even if
it defies some established rules of international law. If a country
willingly harbors outlaws it has little valid basis for complaint when the
victims come after them. 
  I am not sure we can have revenge on such people any more than we can
have revenge on disease germs, but the approach must be the same: destroy
  The growth of terrorism in the world is not at all a simple matter but
one great contributor is simply that they serve the political agendas of
those who are unwilling to act directly. 
  Perhaps this unspeakable crime has awakened some in international
politics who have up till now preferred to lay low for one reason or another. 
  The US has larger targets than most other countries but the threat is
universal. I am not a violent person but my experience of life has taught
me that while one should not look for fights one must not be afraid of them
because there ar times when fighting is the only way to preserve one's
freedom or even very existence. 
  I think these "people" have made a very serious mistake.
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles,Ca.