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That is fabulous!  I never realized that Rodinal
was a monobath type of developer/fixer.  I always
wastefully used a fixer (hypo) bath after the stop
bath.  Alas those wasted efforts.


mackenz   wrote:

> Rollei and Rodinal....I remember when in the mid seventies, after a couple of
> years at the The School of Visual Arts in New York studying photography,
> I went on the road in America. I carried a Rolleicord IV in my pack along
> with a small bottle of Rodinal, Weston V, a developing tank, thermometer,
> etc. I shot Tri-X rated at 250 asa and developed it in Rodinal as I traveled.
> Over mountains, through deserts, on the highways and in freight trains the
> Rollei and Rodinal Ruled! If I could do it all over again I would take along
> a flask of single malt scotch whisky.
> Regards,
> Mark Mac Kenzie
> Santa Rosa, CA
> " A loaded train rides smoother than an empty"