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[Rollei] Re: Rollei Service Manuals

90043.  ROLLEIFLEX TLR CAMERAS, c. 1974  450pp, fully illustrated. A
magnificent sourcebook. Reprint of the original factory service manual.
Covers the Rolleiflex f/3.5 and f/2.8 cameras up to that date, as well as
Rolleicords, RolleiMagic, Tele-Rollei and Rollei-Wide, along with hoods,
backs, etc. Includes all variations on cameras. Superb reference for anyone
interested in Rollei. Full exploded views and service information. $50.00

this is found a craigcamera.com along with a bunch of other manuals.

I think you are gonna have to lay out some bucks unless somebody gets
public-spirited enough to scan it and put it on a site, but 450 pp is kind
of hefty.

Putting it up here since someone else might be interesed...and I couldn't
find your email address (maybe it's the early hour.;-)  )  I feel the bug
biting myself...I HAVE torn down and repaired simple knitting

Slobadan wrote:
> Subject: [Rollei] Service manuals
> Anyone have a service manual for the F2.8, that I could borrow? There
> are a few points of uncertainty I would like to resolve before I go any
> further on this project camera.
> After so many of you have talked about project cameras, I was bit by the
> bug myself. 
> Contact me offlist. Thanks.
> Slobodan Dimitrov