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RE: [Rollei] "macro" photography with a TLR?

Thanks David.  Can anyone out there provide some personal experience in
using an SL66 for macro work?  Any links to pics taken with SL66?


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From: David Seifert [mailto:dseifert  ]
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 1:01 PM
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Subject: Re: [Rollei] "macro" photography with a TLR?


They did, it's called the SL66 and it excels in every way!  I've been biting
my tongue for a while on this subject.  The notion of using a TLR (with no
movements) with cut film and closeup lenses, no matter how good, is somewhat
ridiculous.  You have all the inconveniences of a view camera (sheet film
and ground glass focusing) with none of the advantages (movements and a
bellows allowing close focus without supplemental lenses).  As fine a tool
as a Rollei TLR is it is not without it's limitations.  Best to recognize
those limitations and use a tool more ideally suited to the task.  I
subscribe to the Contax G list and periodically someone comes up with the
notion of mounting a 500mm lens to a G2, possible yes, practical no.

Best Regards,
David Seifert

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Subject: RE: [Rollei] "macro" photography with a TLR?

> If there is
> one thing I would like to have seen from Rollei TLRs, it's a model that
> bellows. I'd buy it in a second.
> R.J.