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[Rollei] Re: B22 - "point light source?"


Are you confusing the "point light source" with the supplementary
condenser for 35mm which came with that enlarger?

The B22 had two sets of lenses, a 35mm and an 80mm EL-Omegar for
enlarging, and a large pair of condenser lenses for 80mm and a smaller
condenser lens with a couple of small tabs on it, for easy installation
and removal when enlarging 35mm negatives.

If you use the supplementary condenser lens with 6x6 then you will
certainly have the problem mentioned by Slobodan.

I used one of these for years and it produced well for me... but I mever
tried anything larger than 8x10 with it.

If I were you I would try it out before investing in a coldlight.

My ex has it now and reports much better results after replacing the
EL-Omegar lenses
with Schneiders.

I didn't use variable contrast paper so can't add anything to that discussion.

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Best Regards,

Jim Hemenway

You only live once, and usually not even then - Michael O'Donoghue


Jan Decher wrote:
> I am getting ready to enlarge my SL66 negs with an old Omega B22 enlarger.
> Can I expect satisfactory quality from the point light source that came
> with it or should I get an Aristo coldlight head for these large negs??
>  Also do folks on this list filter variabe contrast paper below the lens or betwen lamp and
> negative stage?
> Thanks,
> Jan