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Re: [Rollei] How to determine number of lens elements

If you believe in Prochnow, and you got a 3.5F Planar (not Xenotar),
you can determine the 6element lens by a lens number above 2753002.
PS: just put the boiling water into the freezer, so you can still use it any time,
just have to heat it up.

"R. Peters" schrieb:

> No problem!  Take a large screwdriver, a beer can opener ("church key") or
> even a tire iron and gently pry the taking lens out.  then drop it into
> boiling water and simply count the elements as you drain the water off.
> 100% accurate.  From there on, things get a little more difficult.  ;-)
> bob*
> *suffer from dyslexia; hence, my Mother named me "bob" (all lower case).
> -----------------
> ...<snip the first two> Third, this camera should have the latest made
> 6-elements Planar. How can I
> detect it, if it is possible?
> Thank you in advance for any comment, which will be really welcome.
> Ciao
> Guido