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Re: [Rollei] Re: OT Durst M600

As I recall, it was some kind of built in "rangefinder" or focusing aid.  I
don't think I ever got it to function to the point where I would rely on it.
Certainly not against a grain magnifier on the easel, looking at the actual

Wonderful little enlarger, the M600, if you managed to get the proper lens
boards (it was in production when I bought mine new, in about 1969, so parts
were still available.  I only sold mine when a Beseler 45 came along that let
me do all my negatives on one machine instead of two, thereby nearly doubling
the available counter space in my darkroom.  The only gripes I recall were the
glass negative carrier (dust, etc., but with the upside of flat negatives) and
the fact that you couldn't use the red filter with the recessed lens boards
(but the Beseler 45 has the same problem.)


Bill Lawlor wrote:

> I'm setting up a Durst M600 enlarger for my daughter. It seems to be pretty
> solid, all castings, etc. However, does anubody know the purpose of the
> red/green filter thingie that swings into the light path?
> Thanks, Bill Lawlor