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[Rollei] Re: Rollei Users list digest V8 #300 <- was there one?

Someone wrote to the list that it raised his/her spirits!  Well, I submit that it is also
possible for this list to strike depression into the most optimistic of hearts.  Witness this
Volume!  Anyone remember 300baud modems on Apple II's?  You could watch the letters strike the
screen one at a time.  As I scrolled down past this message, I never spied other than a carrot
(>) at the left margin, meaning an ENTIRE digest was quoted?  (you can sort of tell this has
happened when you hit <send> and you watch the "% sent" build up slowly!  Compared to the old
300 baud modems, I figure my screen-scroll must be, say, 1200 baud.  I think it took a minute
top to bottom!
    Hell, that virus would have been more amusing!


Rollei Users list digest wrote:

> Rollei Users list digest    Monday, January 8 2001    Volume 08 : Number 300
> Topics in this digest:
>       ReSp[elling punctuatin et.al.
>       OT: Re: Dealer condition ratings (was: the thing on the knob?)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 03:45:30 -0500
> From: Javier Perez <summarex  >
> Subject: Re: [Rollei] ReSp[elling punctuatin et.al.
> Message-ID: <3A597E2A.B86F9721  >
> References: <200101080131.RAA13273  > <001801c07921$b66aad20$2cce243f@default>
> ByTheWayGuys
> ThereIsAnEvenLazierWayOfWritingI'veDevelopedThatSomeFolks
> MightWantToUse.YouSimplyCapitalizeTheFirstLetterOfEvery
> WordAndSeparateSentencesWithPeriodsAndThoughtsWith
> Commas.ItSavesSpaceAndYouCanDoEverythingYouWouldIfWriting
> Conventially.AllKiddingAside,OnceYouGetUsedToIt
> ItStartsGettingEasierThanConventionalReadingAndWriting.JustUseTheShift
> InsteadOfTheSpace.BecauseTheShiftIsUsedConcurrentlyWithTheFirst
> LetterOfEveryWord,ItEssentiallySavesOneKeystrokePerWord!Paragraphs
> ThoughAreStillIndented.NowYouTooCanBeEvelynWood.HopeThisHelps.
> SeeYa
> Javier
> ssutter   wrote:
> >  and on and on and on and on....