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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Users list digest V8 #75

One has to keep in mind that Discount Camera is a proper noun and does not
have any necessary connection to the word discount.   I recommend avoiding

Roland Smith
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> OK,  sorry 'bout that.  I'll have to find that shop.  The one with all the
> cameras in the widow is Discount (Hah!).  Keep away!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> I was in Discount (Hah!) in late December. They occupy the same shop as
> old, great, Brooks Camera, I believe. Anyway, in the window was a Rollei
> (tessar) German original for $995!. I had the same camera in my pocket and
> felt rich.
> There is another shop, Camera Club, I believe, also run by Asians, a few
> blocks north of Discount but on the east side of the street. He has had
> to find items like Konica Hexar and Ricoh GR1 as well as a nice selection
> classics.
> Bill Lawlor