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Re: [Rollei] Re: Exakta finders

The Exakta list is on www.topica.com
It's very active with lots of tech talk
See Ya

Matthew Phillips wrote:

> >My Exakta
> >Varex has a field lens rather than a Fresnel. The finder is quite bright
> >and even.
> >From the Exaktas and their various w/l and prism finders and screens in my
> collection, I'd say the field lens screens are almost, though not quite, as
> bright as their later fresnels. But since the Exakta fresnels have a very
> pronounced pattern, its easier to use the field lens screen for overall
> focusing.
> Something else I've noticed with the VX series prisms, is that there seems
> to be quite a bit of barrel distortion introduced by them, that doesn't
> appear in the Exa II series prisms. Does anyone know if this is due to the
> curvature of the screen, or is is it from the eyepiece optics?
> >   BTW, do the Exakta folks have any favorite tech on the order of Harry
> >Fleenor for Rolleis?
> I'd like to second that. I've used Essex Camera in New Jersey, but they've
> been a bit hit-or-miss with my Exaktas. That suprised me, because they've
> done a fine job with other classics I've sent (Canon rf, Contaflex).
> Any info on an Exakta users list would be appreciated too.
> Regards,
> M.Phillips