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Re: [Rollei] A Few More Questions for Bob Shell

I would give anything to hear a conversation between
a model and a physicist.

Bob Shell wrote:

> Personal?? Whazzat?  You think this is personal, you should see some
> of the other mail I get!!!<G>
> See below:
> ----------
> >From: Aaron Reece <areece  >
> >To: rollei  us
> >Subject: [Rollei] A Few More Questions for Bob Shell
> >Date: Tue, Jun 27, 2000, 10:00 AM
> >
> >Greetings, all!
> > As long as we're on the subject of model compensation, I have a couple
> >of questions for the Bob along similar lines.  To wit:
> > 1. Of the professional photographers you hang out with, what would you
> >characterize as the typical ratio of actual photography (making
> >pictures) versus photo-related activities (writing, reviewing, giving
> >workshops, etc.) in the average workload?
> What makes you think I "hang out" with professional photographers????
> For the most part they are pretty boring.  I like to hang out with
> models, stylists, designers, physicists, and folks like that.  I like
> to
> have my mind stretched.
> Among the professional photographers I have gotten to know via the
> magazine, most spend about 1/3 of their time making photos and the
> other
> 2/3 dealing with the business side.  That's why I always tell students
> to take business courses in school.  Without a head for business and
> the basic knowledge of how to run a business, you're doomed in the
> pro photo business.
> Very few people make any serious money from writing, reviewing,
> workshops
> and such.  One of the few I know well who makes any money from this
> sort
> of thing is George Lepp.  Lepp and I have been buddies for years and
> he
> is one hell of a self-promoter and hustler.  He gets 400 - 600 people
> at
> his seminars!  But he still makes more from his shooting.  He's up in
> Alaska right now for a three-month shooting trip.
> > 2. Ok, I finally visited www.bobshell.com, and find myself wondering
> >"For what market are these photos intended?"  Whatever their aesthetic
> >value, it must be admitted that most of your images are not going to be
> >published by McCall's, but they're not really pornography, either.  Who
> >is publishing your photos?
> These days they mostly appear in books, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, CD
> and
> cassette covers, advertising, etc., in overseas markets.  My type of
> glamour is not a hot seller in the USA right now.  However I also am
> a content provider for CompuServe and have a gallery there in their
> Photo Forum, and we've done a Bob Shell Screen Saver which has become
> somewhat of a hit.  That brings in a nice monthly check. The pendulum
> swings,
> though, and things go in and out of fashion, so I am patient.  Maxim
> magazine is having a big influence these days in swinging the esthetic
> pendulum back toward more of a glamour look in its photo spreads on
> women.  Maybe my stuff will come back into fashion.
> I won't shoot porno, and that puts me out of step with the internet.
> I
> am constantly getting proposals to shoot for web sites, but I'm not
> interested in the sort of stuff they want me to produce.  So I have
> declined all such offers.
> > If this is too personal, I shall certainly understand and respect your
> >right to privacy on these issues.  Thanks.
> >
> As I said above, I'm pretty open about things.
> Bob