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Re: [Rollei] A Few More Questions for Bob Shell

Bob or nobody ain't publishin' them pics, at least not for money.
He just luves the shootin' with them Rolleis and babes (and his puckup truck)
and makes a livin' by lettin' some guys pay for bein' assistents.
The hard and time consuming part of the job is casting the assistents
so you get any that don't lose too much saliva on the gear!

Aaron Reece schrieb:

> Greetings, all!
>         As long as we're on the subject of model compensation, I have a couple
> of questions for the Bob along similar lines.  To wit:
>         1. Of the professional photographers you hang out with, what would you
> characterize as the typical ratio of actual photography (making
> pictures) versus photo-related activities (writing, reviewing, giving
> workshops, etc.) in the average workload?
>         2. Ok, I finally visited www.bobshell.com, and find myself wondering
> "For what market are these photos intended?"  Whatever their aesthetic
> value, it must be admitted that most of your images are not going to be
> published by McCall's, but they're not really pornography, either.  Who
> is publishing your photos?
>         If this is too personal, I shall certainly understand and respect your
> right to privacy on these issues.  Thanks.
> -Aaron
> areece