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Re: [Rollei] Radio: Yet More Off-Topic!

we all (and you should too) know, that the only radio station worth
watching is WKRP in Cincinatty.

Marc James Small schrieb:

> At 02:58 PM 6/26/2000 -0700, Richard Knoppow wrote:
> >   Those who like old radio can should be aware of the KNX web site
> >http://www.knx1970.com  KNX is the local CBS O&O.
> Orienteering and Oration Society?  Ordinary and Otherwordly?  Oestantious
> and Overbearing?
> The first station to carry scheduled broadcasts in the US was KQV.  The
> first commercial station on the air was KDKA.  Both are in that Mother of
> Cities, Pittsburgh, PA, and both are still on the air, the only stations
> east of the Mississippi to bear "K" call signs.  I believe KDKA to be a
> clear-channel station, but I'm not positive of that.  I am old enough to
> have spent portions of my early adult life driving hither and thither on
> back country roads late at night, listening to the clear-channels fade in
> and out, first a Cards game, then the Indians, then WCFL, that "voice of
> labor!" or WLS, the "World's Largest Store!" (owned by Sears, Roebuck),
> both out of Chicago, and BT and BZ and all the rest, not to mention the 3
> AM agro reports out of WOWO in Fort Wayne.  All seem turned to mush today.
> And I am old enough to have lived the 'Summer of Love' in the City By the
> Bay, and to have heard Wolfman Jack from XERB out of Tiajuana, 100,000
> focused watts and you could damn near hear him at the North Pole, hawking
> his 3 foot by 5 foot posters of the dollar bill, with HIS face in place of
> The Hon. Geo. Washington.  And the little rip-'n-reads, KLOK and KLIV, and
> 'the St James Express is SMOKIN'!'  And FM-Stereo got its start with a Big
> Band station out of Marin County, and I had a non-stereo FM and would
> listen to it, wondering just what stereo radio would sound like.  Those
> were the days, Mount Tam at dawn, with the moonlight fading across the fog
> as the sun came up to light the bridge towers, and Point Reyes in the
> winter.  (California could be a wonderful place, if all the PEOPLE would
> leave!)
> Marc
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