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Re: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV

Why are you ignoring the country kids.  They already drive
pickups, often four wheel drive versions.  Around here they are at the
wheel of a pickup before they can get a driver's license and drive
around on their daddy's farm, just like they do with the tractors.  


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>From: Denton Taylor <denton  >
>To: rollei  us
>Subject: RE: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV
>Date: Mon, Jun 26, 2000, 9:55 PM

>You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait until today's brand new behemoths get into 
>the hands of kids 10-15 years from now, as their first car, the way someone 
>else said a Beetle was their first car.
>Now, the Yukons of the world are driven by older, supposedly sober folks, 
>with kids... They are in peak mechanical condition... wait until your 
>average seventeen-year old gets his as a ten-year-old hand-me-down, and the 
>brakes are iffy, the suspension is shot, and the kid has had a few beers...