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Re: [Rollei] My Big Faux Pas (Re: Rollei SUV thread)

Robert Meier wrote:


> I assume your 3.5F's meter will also work for other ASA 100 films?  Or just E100S?

I primarily shoot transparency film with the 3.5F (Xenotar) and had poor
luck with Velvia, never getting consistent results.  (In fact I've
always had difficulty with Velvia in any of my cameras unless I bracket
all over the place.)  I stumbled on E100S and never looked back.  I
don't even use the E100SW (warm) version because it's much easier to
attach an 81B filter when I need it.  I've used so much 100 speed film
over the years that I seem to naturally think in terms of that film
speed.  What amazes me is that the Rollei's meter gives me good results
in both bright sun and in dim, shady areas.  I thought these old meters
were supposed to go non-linear (if that's the right term) with age.

Randy Holst
Boise, Idaho