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[Rollei] Rollei Meters

> Yes, you are now in the Twilight Zone.  You discovered it faster than the
> rest of us, but it is inevitable for all of us.  I assume your 3.5F's meter
> will also work for other ASA 100 films?  Or just E100S? 
> Bob

Hi Bob,

     The T, 2.8F and 3.5F I've had, had great meter accuracy!  The only
'rule' is pointing the camera toward the ground in some large sky
including shots.  Someone was selling a new replacement meter for
E, D and T models on the eBay.  I bet there're not a lot of new old
stock around anymore and Rollei sure don't make 'em.  I'm sure
old used ones can/can't be fixed, sometimes depends?


                                                 Rich Lahrson