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Re: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV


Those examples of "Road Rage" could get you in severe legal
trouble, or get you killed, depending on who saw you do
those stunts!! ( And who you did them to.)

BTW, what are you doing at the office so late?


Jan Böttcher wrote:

> Bob Shell:
> > My personal observations would suggest that the worst idiots on the road
> > are drivers of Cadillacs and Volvos.  At least around here when you see
> > either of those cars on the road you can count on encountering a jerk.
> ...
> Lucky you! Around here you can consider ANYBODY I encounter on MY
> Autobahn a jerk!  Fortunately we don't have too many Cadillacs around here,
> but the 4wd'ers and some Scandinavian Volvo beaters are tough opponents,
> and mostly you'll have to overtake them on the right hand side, as somebody either
> told them the right lane is poisoned or they were goin' "real fast" when travelling
> at 120-140km/h. Other kinds of jerks: Porsche drivers: will keep way too much
> distance to the ones before them, so these will never know the Porsche driver would
> love to go a little faster (solution: overtake the Porsche on the right hand side).
> Next kind of jerk: travelling salesmen or other potential customers for Pfizer:
> Audi, BMW or Mercedes drivers with their mobile phone (solution: overtake on
> the right hand side, honk horn and make obscene gesture). Some other jerrks to
> fight: Trucks or mobile homes on the left lane (only solution: wait until they are done
> with overtaking (it'll only take a few miles) overtake them, and brake rigth in front
> of them, shake fist and/or make obscene gesture). Next kind: VW and Audi Turbo-
> Diesels they were told the cars are pretty fast, when they bought 'em, so the left lane
> is theirs (solution: keep pushing and stay so close to their bumper that they can't
> read your license plate, some miles later they'll give up and believe you that real
> cars can go faster then thei TDIs). Mega-Idiots to avoid: BMW 328i in reddish-
> brown or dark blue metallic paint those idiots will follow you overtaking left, right
> and rigth through the middle, have on board video and will present you a nice
> clip of idiots on the Autobahn, when following my "solutuions" (that movie can get
> expensive if you don't find a way to con yourself out of that mess).
> Jan
> PS: Rollei content: I always have a Rollei and my tripod in the trunk!


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