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[Rollei] My Big Faux Pas (Re: Rollei SUV thread)

Dear Rollei Enthusiasts,

I humbly beg forgiveness from each and every one of you for my
incredible stupidity in sending an image file attachment to the list. 
It was intended to go only to Bob (Volvo hater) Shell, but in my haste I
neglected to change the intended e-mail address.

Be assured that the list owner pointed out my "Humongous No-No" so
swiftly that smoke was coming out of my cable modem.  I do understand
that attachments are intolerable and that a second offense will cost me
my first-born and earn me a permanent list vacation.  May the stench of
a thousand camels linger at my grave!  (Is that enough groveling, Marc?)

Randy Holst
Boise, Idaho

(Rollei content:  The photo WAS taken with my 1959 Rolleiflex 3.5F and
made a magazine cover.)