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Re: [Rollei] Radio: Yet More Off-Topic!

>And I am old enough to have lived the 'Summer of Love' in the City By the
>Bay, and to have heard Wolfman Jack from XERB out of Tiajuana, 100,000
>focused watts and you could damn near hear him at the North Pole, hawking
>his 3 foot by 5 foot posters of the dollar bill, with HIS face in place of
>The Hon. Geo. Washington.  And the little rip-'n-reads, KLOK and KLIV, and
>'the St James Express is SMOKIN'!'  And FM-Stereo got its start with a Big
>Band station out of Marin County, and I had a non-stereo FM and would
>listen to it, wondering just what stereo radio would sound like.  Those
>were the days, Mount Tam at dawn, with the moonlight fading across the fog
>as the sun came up to light the bridge towers, and Point Reyes in the
>winter.  (California could be a wonderful place, if all the PEOPLE would

I moved to San Francisco (you can call it "the City" but don't call it
Frisco) in 1966. I too spent the Summer of Love there. It was a magical
place. North Beach had only just started to go topless. Walnut Creek was a
sleepy little farm town. Hayward had orchards. Gays had only just started
to take over and nobody knew what a yuppy was. I listened to Duke Ellington
and Count Basie on Mount Tam, heard Janis Joplin and the Dead at the
Filmore, used cable cars to actually go somewhere, ate cheap and incredbly
delicious food served by Edsel Ford Fong at Sam Wo's, and drank Irish
Coffee at the Buena Vista. We had wonderful Italian food at Cafe Sport in
North Beach. You had to stand for 2 hours to get a table but the Chianti
flowed freely and it was all a good party.I had cheap rent living on a
houseboat in Sausalito and commuted in my MGB into the city. Marin County
was uncrowded and real estate was reasonable. My first house in the city
cost me all of 18,000 dollars.
Hippies had not yet discovered hard drugs but the smell of pot was
everywhere. We all read Herb Caen every morning, then drove to work
listening to Don Sherwood and Carter Smith on the Radio.
People still went to Playland at the Beach with its hokey fun. The
peaceniks in Berkeley were considered harmless. "All commies and pinkos"
said my future father in law.
There were a few traffic jams but if you knew the right shortcuts it didn't
take long to drive anywhere.
All too soon it went to Hell. The Hippies discovered drugs, ordinary
houseboats were banned in Sausalito, traffic reached gridlock, the orchards
disappeared and housing developments sprung up everywhere, Topless took
over North Beach, war protests turned violent, Yuppies started taking over,
the pencil pushers figured out ways to  raise the prices on everything and
through it all more people came! and came! and came! I had friends who
commuted over 3 hours each way by the 1980s.
By 1983 we said "enough" and moved to Camden, Maine where we still have
room to breath, nobody locks their doors, and young girls can  walk the
streets at any time of night or day and feel safe. Its also incredibly
beautiful. I'm happy here but I still miss the San Francisco that used to


PS: to keep this on topic I did buy an almost new Rolleiflex for $15 at a
yard sale in San Francisco. You don't see those anymore there either.