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Re: [Rollei] Radio: Yet More Off-Topic!

Marc James Small wrote, in part:

> The first station to carry scheduled broadcasts in the US was KQV.  The
> first commercial station on the air was KDKA.  Both are in that Mother of
> Cities, Pittsburgh, PA, and both are still on the air, the only stations
> east of the Mississippi to bear "K" call signs.  I believe KDKA to be a
> clear-channel station, but I'm not positive of that. (snip)

I'd guess it was clear channel.  I can remember receiving it just fine in St.
Louis on cold winter nights in the late 50s, on an ordinary Motorola table
radio.  I remember that one of the regular sponsors of whatever show I could
get was Rolling Rock Premium Beer, an unheard of brand in the home of
Budweiser, Falstaff and Stag beers, among many others.

That same little radio, BTW, could occasionally pick up a station in the
Northwest Territories that would read letters from family and friends
addressed to people out in the frozen north who were beyond the reach of
transportation (and, I gathered, two way communication) for the winter.
Interesting times before satellite phones, and the like.