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Re: [Rollei] QBM lens instructions anyone

At 10:04 PM 04/04/2000 +0000, you wrote:
 >At 04:54 PM 4/4/2000 EDT, Mamiya645   wrote:
 >>   No... it was The Breakfast Club.
 >Don McNeil's Breakfast Club?  I actually was on the show once, back in '65,
 >and got to shake Sam's hand.
 >God, but I miss radio.  Thanks, Mr Bender, for that stroll down Memory
 >Lane.  And I suspect you don't look a bit like you would belong on that
 >long-gone, and lamented, Breakfast Club which ruled morning radio for 30
   Those who like old radio can should be aware of the KNX web site 
http://www.knx1970.com  KNX is the local CBS O&O. It has carried an hour of 
old radio since the mid 1960's. The programs are available on their web 
site the day after they are broadcast. Unfortunately, they try to cram too 
many commercials in and often clip the program closings. Also, the audio 
quality of the streaming audio is not wonderful.
   Several of the programs carried were produced at KNX originally, they 
are still located in the CBS radio studios at 6121 Sunset which was the 
location of the Hollywood CBS radio operation. Most of it has been 
converted to TV use for the local CBS outlet KCBS-TV.
   KNX is the oldest station in LA and one of the first in the US. It was 
originally licensed under another call at the end of 1920, one of the ten 
first stations licensed by the department of commerce. They changed the 
call to KNX within months of going on the air.
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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles,Ca.