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Re: [Rollei] Rollei in water

Florida water is ok, but the one I went in was in a river that originated
in a glacier and although it was August, the water was so cold, that my
legs were numb after getting out of it.

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Well, I've gone waist deep in water in Florida with my 6006 to shoot a
series of photos of a model in the water.  I was extra careful not to
fall over, though!!

Clyde Butcher, the guy who lives in the swamps in Florida, works in
chest waders a lot of the time.


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>My story is mundane: I went knee-deep with a 5x7 and a Rollei TLR in order
>to take a nice picture of a river. The 5x7 shot was ruined by accidentaly
>pulling the darkslide out, but the Rollei picture came out OK.
>What is your story?